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Ww2 us army 97th engineers battalion Canadian Alaska highway patch

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5.7 inches 

On November 20, 1942, on a remote vista in Yukon Territory, several hundred men braved the bitter cold to mark the end of an ordeal that few people thought possible: the completion of the Alaska Highway.

Stretching 1,500 miles through the sub-arctic wilderness, the Alaskan Highway was built to defend American from threats in the Pacific and stands today as one of the boldest homeland security initiatives ever undertaken.

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE presents Building the Alaska Highway, the story of nearly 11,000  Army engineers who battled freezing temperatures, ice and snow, mountains, mud, muskeg, and mosquitoes to blaze a 1,500-mile road through one of the harshest landscapes in North America, and take a huge step forward in defending the nation from threats in the Pacific. The program interweaves interviews with historians and engineers who built the highway, and presents archival footage and beautiful cinematography of the sub-Arctic route the road took. The film also features never-before-seen home movies of the Alaska Highway.